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Stop the Presses!


You need to do calf raisers and hand exercises during pregnancy to get fluid pumping from the hands, legs, ankles and feet.

💦This is edema and it occurs not just in the lower limbs, but the hands and the face as well.

😲It is a natural part of pregnancy.

If there was however RAPID swelling of the hands, face and feet, this may indicate preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a very serious medical condition, in which case you would stop your session and seek medical advice. My mum had this with her first pregnancy and nearly died, delivery was the best option and the baby (my big sister) was very premature. My mum's blood pressure was going through the roof! 🌡️My sister was tiny 👶.


🤰During pregnancy the body produces about 50% more blood and body fluids.

🤰🏻Swelling is a normal part of pregnancy.

🤰This extra fluid helps to soften the body and allow it to expand as the baby develops.

🤰🏻Extra fluids help to prepare the pelvic joints and tissues for delivery.

🤰The swelling starts around the 5th month and increases in the third trimester.


Keep cool (like exercise under an air-conditioner).

🧘‍♀️Change your program at 5 months to more seated and side-lying exercises - avoid standing exercises for long periods of time.

👣Do calf pump exercises such as calf raisers and ankle mobility.

✖️Don't let the arms just hang at the side of the body (eg when doing footwork on the Chair).

🖐️Do hand exercises to pump fluid from the hands such as sparkler hands and wrist circles.

🚰Drink water before, during and after your session.

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