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  • What are CEC's?
    To maintain registration with Fitness Australia, Registered Exercise Professionals must complete twenty (20) continuing education credits (CECs) through educational programs and professional experience over every 2 year registration period. The Pregnancy Pre & Postnatal Pilates online course for mat and small props has 7 Fitness Australia CEC's.
  • When does the class start?
    Except for Face to Face or Live Pilates workshops, classes are avaliable to start now. Enrol today and get access to available class materials instantly.
  • Who are these courses for?
    From beginner to expert Pilates Instructors, fitness professionals, physiotherapists and sports medicine practitioners.
  • What format do these courses take?
    Each class is taught through exclusive prerecorded Pilates videos and PDF's. Additional class materials including workbooks, community, and interactive assignements and quizzes are accessed when logging into your account.
  • Is the course live?
    The courses are online and consist of pre-recorded video lessons. Live opportunities will be announced as they become available.
  • Can I download the videos?
    All videos are available in your account, ready for viewing (and re-watching) at any time. You will be able to download the copy of the course manual.
  • Will Louise Taube see my work?
    There will be opportunities for you to submit your work once you have enrolled. You'll be notifited and given directions on how to submit your work in the quizzes section of the courses.
  • Do you offer educational discounts or payment plans?
    Taube Pilates does not currently offer discounts or payment plans.
  • How does this work?
    Taube Pilates is a streaming platform that makes it possible for you to watch or listen to Pilates video lessons taught by Louise Taube. Weather it be Pregnancy, postnatal, Active Ageing, Coccydynia, Pilates Business development, Pilates photography, Taube Pilates delivers a world class online learning experience. Video lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, personal computer, ipad, tablet, laptop or any other divice that can access the internet.
  • What is included in a Taube Pilates membership?
    Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of Pilates courses taught by Louise Taube on everything from osteoporosis and hip replacements to the puzzle of pain.
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