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Pilates Philosophy

For more than 13 years, everything I do at Taube Pilates has followed the same meticulous path; from the sessions I deliver to my clients in person, to the courses I deliver online or face to face. It is a path laid down by founder Joseph Pilates, inspired by his vision to create natural ways to heal the body through movement. It is the reason I have been resolutely authentic in my teacher training courses from the beginning. It is why the healing magic of movement infuses everything I create at Taube Pilates. You will love the Taube Pilates experience.



Taube Pilates believes in maintaining integrity when learning the Pilates method: preparing you to be a safe teacher, giving you information that is logical in nature, presented in a way that is easily understood, that will be usable, valuable, easy to adopt, implement and build upon in years to come.



Taube Pilates Training offers high quality Pilates manuals containing extensive notes on each Pilates exercise, and with professional photos taken by leading Australian dance, theatre, opera and ballet photographer Jeff Busby and Busby Photography. You will love all the notes I have included over the years.



Taube Pilates has an extensive repertoire that draws on the beauty of traditional classical pilates exercises and classical technique, but also innovative moves and clinical Pilates exercises to assist with injuries such as knee, hips, shoulders, and back as well as special populations such as pregnancy, postnatal, dancers, children, men, and older clients. This repertoire includes work on the mat as well  all the Pilates equipment from the reformer, caddie, and ladder barrel, baby arc, Pilates ball and spine corrector to the Pilates chair. You will love how empowered you feel!

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At the heart of Taube Pilates is a healing environment and a place to learn. Taube Pilates is a place to restore, strengthen and invigorate with Pilates sessions and teacher training delivered at the highest standards to keep you at your peak. I am unwavering in my commitment to deliver insightful and inspiring teacher training courses founded in my 19 years of experience of teaching the Pilates method.

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