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If you love your pelvic floor just as much as I love mine, you are better off taking a seat on the toilet. Sanitiser wipes are available for all of us now! So, there is no need to worry about toilet seat germs! KEEP THEM IN YOUR PURSE SO YOU NEVER FEEL THE NEED TO HOVER!!⠀


Instead of hovering over the toilet, give your pelvic floor a break and take a seat.

Along with tensing up hip rotators, glutes, back and abs, the pelvic floor tightens and is unable to relax fully making it difficult for full bladder evacuation.

This also means we are more likely to bare down, putting undue pressure on the pelvic floor.

Switch to sitting to take this undue pressure off the pelvic floor. Continual straining to get off the toilet seat faster won’t help either! You need to relax and let it flow. Don’t be in a hurry to empty your bladder or bowel. This continual strain can contribute to increasing risk of pelvic organ prolapse.

Hovering Issues

Hovering is a MAJOR problem if you easily get UTI’s too. Due to the hover position, the pelvic floor muscles are unable to relax fully and you are more likely to not empty our bladder completely; this can contribute to bladder infections. CRAP! No one enjoys having cystitis. Oh, the burn!!!!!

Shift to sitting. As the creator of the Pilates Pregnancy and Postnatal online course, I'm PASSIONATE about pelvic floor health.

Let me know if you hover or sit and if you hover will you now take a seat?

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