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Can Pilates make you Beautiful?

Maria Hicks doing Lat pulls on the Cadillac with one eye closed and standing on one leg

In this very first podcast I talk to some of my clients, peers and friends on the topic of Beauty.

Can Pilates make you beautiful? Some say that beauty comes from the inside! If this is true than everyone who does Pilates should show a little bit of beauty as each Pilates exercise starts with engaging the core. The inner most muscles of our centre.

Seated Push Through on the Caddie

In Pilates we are doing mental and physical beauty. When you are doing a session you focus on your form, so your mind cannot focus on your worries therefore that brow becomes more relaxed and you look more beautiful. Pilates helps with postural issues and encourages you to walk beautifully with less hunching as well as moving more freely.

Advanced Leg Springs on the Cadillac

When I look my clients posture improving over time, they look more graceful, more elegantly. Sometimes when I watch the face of my clients when they are exercising, I see a little secret smile on their face and I think to myself "You look beautiful!" You can see the enjoyment of moving the body on their faces especially in exercises such as the Supine Scapular Series on the Caddie with the Push Through Bar, or the Seated Push Through. You can see the joy and beauty radiate through on my clients faces.

Pilates makes you feel much more supple and allows a freedom of movement in exercises such as the Leg Springs, any of the exercises with the Push Through Bar on the Caddie including the Teaser, and all of the Ballet Stretches on the Ladder Barrel. Pilates also challenges your body and increases function and form, moving more confidently and efficiently throughout the day. Your movement becomes less clumsy, having a quality of movement that makes you feel more beautiful. When I see the range of movement improve in my clients shoulders, spines and hips improve I think that makes them look more beautiful and feel more beautiful because they can more more gracefully.

Listen to the podcast below!

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