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Eat your Way slim with Rocco Sorace

Today I am talking with Rocco Sorace! Rocco is a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, author and cook. I know you are going to love this little listen:

Rocco has made 5 DVD's written 2 books and collaborated on a third book!

Rocco Sorace

We talk about changing your eating habits and improve your lifestyle!

Unfortunately as we get older our metabolism changes. I felt really inspired with this chat and motivated to make better food choices and enjoying eating. No depriving yourself but actually enjoying food and life more while learning to appreciate your body.

Eat your way slim

Rocco Sorace is a gorgeous lifestyle coach. He does Pilates, personal training and nutrition. We’re going to specifically talk about his amazing book “EAT your way SLIM”, What I love about the book is that you can EAT and get SLIM at the same time.

“A lot of my clients were craving new recipes since my previous book was a few years old and I kept writing down recipes for clients and I discovered a low carb noodle and pasta which I use in my cook book, called Konjac, it’s made from a vegetable which is low calorie and carbohydrate. Diets don’t work, I don’t think, because once my clients go back to their normal eating, because they’ve been restricting themselves for so long, they tend to over eat and then put the weight back on, it’s like a yo-yo game, with food and dieting. The key for my book is to have a balanced lifestyle.

It’s just a kickstart to change your taste buds, and I find when clients change their eating habits and portion sizes, they tend to incorporate it into their life style. As you get older, unfortunately after thirty, your metabolism slows down and you have to do a bit more exercise. Some people are blessed with great metabolism and can eat as if they are in their twenties, I’m speaking for myself, you have to really watch your portion sizes, and you really don’t need to over eat.

Taste the food, rather than quickly eating, it takes thirty minutes for the mind and stomach to connect to see if you’re full or not. Wait for thirty minutes, then after that ‘do I really need that extra serving?’ In life you have parties, weddings or Christmas or whatever function you have, you gotta have a bit of fun too. So you gotta leave those days to indulge.” Buy the book here!

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