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Thunder Thighs

Pilates Thigh Workout

When I was a teenager and also as a young adult studying dance, I was often told my thighs were not the appropriate shape for the career path I was taking. My after school dance teacher told me I needed to lose weight off my thighs. I was about 12 or 13.

At university, where I was studying dance full time, during the quarterly feedback session, my thighs were often the topic of conversation - not my technique, strength, or ability. My confidence always plummeted after these feedback sessions and I felt my vulnerable self esteem sink a little lower each time. I am sure this affected my dance ability. The shape of my things was affecting my grade as a dancer at a university. I am sure this type of feedback does not happen today in this type of setting, I know lots of other girls in my year got similar feedback from the sound of vomiting in the toilet. I was 18.

My cousin, when I was 15 told me I had fat thighs and I should lose weight. He pointed to one thigh stating "that thigh is a bit fat" and then he said " that other thigh is a bit fat too." We were in a discussion of self improvement and I said he should do public speaking to help with his vocabulary. He did and was quite successful - this built his self esteem. Somehow telling me my thighs were fat just didn't help with my self esteem..... I tried not to eat around him in an attempt to show I was trying to improve myself. This was always hard as it was Christmas the there was always mountains of delicious food.

My ideal now is to create strong powerful thighs, thighs like wonder woman that can create a clap of thunder as they glide through space. Thighs that can squish any nasty body comment into oblivion.

How do you feel about your thighs?

It pains me to hear some of my clients talk about their own thighs. "They are fat and blubbery." "They are full of cellulite." "My thighs are huge and it is causing me depression."

Please love your thighs. Massage them with sweet scented moisturiser after having a shower and tell them how much you love them. Make them strong and functional. Your body will thank you for it especially your knees and your back as strong muscle structure here supports these areas.

I hope you enjoy this little Pilates workout to create the most awesome and powerful thighs that can spark fear in the face of any man (or woman)!

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