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Makarlu with Carla Mullins

In this podcast I talk to Carla Mullins about the Makarlu and how this will help to accelerate your Pilates practice!

Carla Mullins is based in Brisbane. She is an educator, creator and designer of the Makarlu, which is a amazing, Australian made, product. She is a teacher, a mother, an inspiration, an ex-lawyer. Carla is also a student studying occupational therapy.

“I’ve been exploring with these ideas for a while, and then in 2015, Michael, my partner, (who helped us with the Makarlu) his bicycle, got caught on a country bridge. He went flying over the country bridge and into a rocky river. He broke his pelvis, sacrum in six / seven different places. Wasn’t the best moment in my life. I found him in the freezing creek and had to help him up to the car and then get him to hospital. He was in hospital for about six or seven weeks. The hospital was good, they had their rehab unit, and things like that. I channeled *channeled* Joseph Pilates, and had him in the hospital bed. I had all of these exercises and what we took in, I cannot tell you how much stuff, from foam rollers to franklin balls to tharabands: we had basically a suitcase of stuff that I had taken into him, into the hospital, to help him get better.

The doctors said that Michael probably won’t be surfing for at least two years. If you knew Michael, this was not going to happen. So, we did all of this work and when we eventually did get him home, it was about three and a half, four months later. Were all worked hard and he was surfing, not well, but surfing at six months. So I was very excited. That whole process made us stop and think, when you’re injured or when you’re traveling or even in a studio. . ."

Please Listen to the podcast below!

Do a session with Carla at her Brisbane studio

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