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Why Taube Pilates


My story

I had a vision of creating a place and a process for learning with high quality, simplicity, and excellence that reflects Pilates’s transformative powers. Using deep knowledge of anatomy and movement, I wanted to connect people to their bodies in ways not possible without a mindful approach. I forged an uncompromising path that I still follow from working with the most basic beginner, to the most advanced Pilates practitioner. I know your body will love the Pilates experience I offer!


My unique process

When I founded Taube Pilates more than ten years ago, I knew that movement is powerful and movement heals. This drove me to apply my deep knowledge of anatomy, movement, and dance to cultivate restoring, strengthening, and invigorating classes unique to each individual. My vision was to create high-quality Pilates studio sessions and online courses, combining Pilates’s transformative powers with state-of-the-art video production for online courses, making it easier for you to keep up with your presonal development.


My studio

After working for many studios and health clubs, and feeling disillusioned with everything. I searched for a place with unique architecture with lots of natural light and beautiful high ceilings. I found it and I started my own home studio in St Kilda East where I could follow my own vision of how a Pilates studio should serve its’ client base. Here, the quality equipment sits proudly in the studio, mirrors assist to reflect form, and the sunlight gives the studio a golden glow. This is where the power of Pilates infuses with a mind body experience. Advanced understanding of the body and Pilates technique help me to give you a quality session. No harmful manoeuvres make their way into your program. My commitment to creating an enjoyable and energizing session for you is ongoing.


My commitment

I have been teaching Pilates for more than nineteen years. My unique approach delivers Pilates’ undiluted power to your body. I continue to challenge what’s possible with Pilates exercise. And it’s why I will always remain authentic with uncompromising care for my clients in person in Melbourne, Australia, and online courses around the world.

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