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My Unique Process

From the classic, much loved Pilates originally created by founder, Joesph Pilates, Taube Pilates continues to grow. Always innovating, always at the cutting edge of Pilates practice, while staying true to our roots of dance and Pilates, I apply film making to connect in a human way. I hope you enjoy!

Pilates Jumpimg

I hope this video inspires you to try some new variations with jumping on the Reformer! 

The walkover

Break through your fear of walking over!

Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Inspired by my pre and postnatal clients, I have put together a few pre and postnatal moves for you. Please let me know if you use any of these exercises in class! Also please tell me what your favourite pre and postnatal exercises are.

Morning Pilates Routine

Do you ever feel stiff in the morning? Like not your usual self? Try these moves and create a more supple spine. Step out of your comfort zone with these challenging abdominal exercises. What is your morning routine? Share your morning routine with me!

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