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My Story


Country girl

I grew up in a very small mining town in Queensland. I always loved movement and the intense feeling of freedom it gave me. A commitment to movement was a founding drive going forward in my life and I decided to study dance at QUT in Brisbane. You can see this is a picture of me as a kid.



I am a proud recipient of many Arts grants from the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria, the Foundation for Young Australians, and The Ian Potter Foundation during my dance career.


I started getting injuries. I started to want to put back into my body that the many years of hard dancing had taken out of it.


Everything began to change and now everything I do strives for the health and vitality in my own body, and the health of my clients. For me, it means striving to nourish my body with positive movement experiences and to keep things simple.


I would love to help you achieve this too! 



During my dance career I also studied film. Highlights were studying at the New York Film Academy and also creating a film clip for SBS.


When I founded Taube Pilates, I was determined to reach as many people as possible through film. I wanted to prove the healing powers of Pilates. This drove me to apply my film experience, creativity, and Pilates knowledge to develop online courses for Pilates Instructors. This vision is to create a high level and engaging online courses, combining Pilates’ transformative powers with state-of-the-art film production.


If you are interested in becoming my Pateron please check out my Patreon account here.



The extra effort I make to create inspiring and uplifting experiences for all my clients weather on line or face to face, keeps me motivated. I care for my unique studio cliental, and for my online course participants, as well as the wonderful teachers I meet at my face to face courses. My considered, creative and new choreography will continue to delight and inspire, delivering the wonderful healing power of Pilates direct to your body.

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