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Taube Pilates Studio

Founder of the Pilates technique, Joesph Pilates, understood the power of movement and that movement heals. A gymnast/boxer and writer/inventor, he created a movement technique that easily transformed bodies.


A Pilates studio like no other

Finding the ideal home for Taube Pilates studio was daunting. The space, the light, the height of the ceiling (so inverted work on the Caddie could be executed) all had to be perfect. That quest was probably the most insecure and terrifying I have ever felt. Eventually, I found the perfect home for Taube Pilates Studio.

Visit the Taube Pilates Studio Here

Clean and welcoming

I care for my studio just as I care for my clients. I keep the space clean and welcoming. I aim to deliver high quality Pilates experiences that your body will love.


Re-connect with your body

I aim to get the best out of you, freeing your body and helping you to reach your full movement potential, to deliver a restoring, strengthening and invigorating Pilates experience to you! My aim is to exceed expectations, delivering visible results. I love delivering authentic, uncompromising care in each session.

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