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Kneeling Cat with twist on the Pilates Cadillac / Trapeze Table

spine mobility workshop

Lectures, Theory and Practical

  • 7 exercises on the Ladder Barrel

  • 7 moves on the Caddie

  • 7 on the Reformer

  • 7 Mat work

  • 7 on the Chair

  • How gravity, use of small props and tactile cues, can enhance spine mobility

  • How to create more mobility in the spine

  • How improving proximal movement of the spine can assist in allowing greater mobility throughout the body

  • How movement that initiates from the hands, head, pelvis and pelvic floor, can assist in awareness and movement of the spine

  •  Instruction in physical techniques and tactile cues

Course contact hours 6

the details

Dates: Sunday 21 January, 2018

Time: 12noon - 6pm

Location: Taube Pilates Studio, unit 6/94 Hotham St, St Kilda East, VIC 3183

Cost: $350

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co-ordination, alignment and mobility

A one day workshop focusing on studio repertoire that moves into spinal mobility - juicing up the spine.


We will move the entire spine on all the studio pieces to create a delicious massage of mobility; unsticking locked up joints and creating freedom of movement.

This exciting stretch and mobility workshop focuses on the spine, and contributing joint, muscle and fascial systems that so commonly affect how we move and how we feel. We will encourage better co-ordination, alignment and mobility with a selected list of awesome Pilates exercises. 

 The spine is our primary moving structure and governs whole body movement. We will explore how the design of the spine gives us a mobile architecture from which to move. The Spine Mobility workshop will provide Pilates instructors with skills of seeing, touching, moving and verbalising clearly and effectively to assist their clients with spine mobility.​

To learn more and to have a conversation about Taube Pilates Certificate courses,

please call Louise on 0413 882 726

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