THE Ultimate First Trimester Pregnancy video workout is now here! Builds knoweldge and strength from the ground up! You will work through an exercise repertoire that strengthens:

  • the pelvic floor as well as relaxing for optimal birthing experience
  • shoulders, arms and grip for all postnatal lifting
  • gluteals for pelvic stability and to guard against pelvic girdle pain

You will stretch your neck and shoulders and breathe to assist with relaxation and stress relief.

You will create a strong and healthy body ready for all the demands of motherhood

Layered with modifications suitable for pregnancy up to week 16 and postnatal after 6 week natural delivery or 3 months C-section.

You will work with small hand weights, a chi ball and fit ball.

42 Exercises included

Great to expand your pregnancy and postnatal repertoire

YOUR Ultimate Pilates pregnancy First Trimester Workout