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Melbourne, Australia

Taube Pilates Courses

Pre and Postnatal Course


Hear some wonderful stories of the magic of Pilates in the Pre and postnatal workshop.  Learn how to give an awesome workout to your pre and postnatal clients! Pilates is just so transforming!

I want to help people experience the power they have within themselves to take control of their lives, their health, and their wellbeing. This Pilates Pre and Postnatal workshop will help you to be able to help others too! Help your clients become free of pain, fears and limitations as you learn the exercises in this course. Translate them for you clients.

Let me share with you my experiences, show you new moves, talk about different conditions and best of all, allow me to open up a world of new repertoire for you and your pregnant clients in this Pilates Pre and Postnatal course, online or face to face. You will treasure the knowledge this workshop brings you, now and in years to come.

Pilates for Active Ageing


Joseph Pilates believed that in order to achieve happiness you must first become physically fit, he was an advocate for active ageing. If at 30 you are stiff and out of shape are you old? If at 60 you are supple, strong and toned are you young?

Can you stop the clock through exercise? Join me to find out how.

Some of my most loved and loyal clients are over 60, and it seems more are heading into their 60’s and 70's with me! Exercise becomes more important than ever as we age. Make it a enjoyable event that your active ageing clients look forward to! Keep them mobile and independent, and stronger for longer.

Improve their quality of life and the joy they have in it.


“This course has an in depth content that allows you to work with beginners through to advanced clientele. It offers small-personalized groups where you experience all exercises on the equipment. This direct experience under the guidance of the instructor is invaluable.”

Nicky Davidson

“What a fantastic course providing a good repertoire for studio Pilates. I even landed a job with a Pilates studio whilst still studying with Louise and already teach 8 classes a week!”

Abbie Sherwood

“I participated in Louise Taube Studio Pilates course between July 2 and 24 Sept 2010 in which time the course covered a wide range of subject matters pertaining to structure, physiology, cueing and teaching in a studio environment. I have learned so much and gained a lot of deeper knowledge that will assist me greatly in my Pilates teaching. The course was well planned and put together. I also participated in Louise’s Ring and Roller workshop which was fantastic and where I met a future employer – so anything is possible! I would recommend Louise’s courses to anyone who wanted amore through and deeper understanding of teaching Pilates in a Studio environment.”

Lesley Pemberton-Burden

“Louise is an awesome instructor – her technical expertise, clear instructions and gentle cueing all help when doing Pilates exercises. She regularly looks for biofeedback and very effectively corrects form.”

Louise Berns