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Skeleton knowledge

Movement analysis

a new perspective on pilates anatomy
Lectures, Theory and Practical included:


  • 40 exercises broken down

  • 20 injuries explored

  • Postural problems discussed and exercise solutions suggested

  • Course contact hours 24

the details

Dates: Sunday 12, 19, 26 August and 8 & 15 Sept 2018

Time: 12noon - 6pm

Location: Taube Pilates Studio, unit 6/94 Hotham St, St Kilda East, VIC 3183

Cost: $1160

build your confidence


In this Movement Analysis: a new perspective on Anatomy, we will dissect 40 Pilates exercises from the side to side, e-prone press, and down stretch on the Pilates reformer. My fascination for how perfectly bodies have adapted to specific movements and vice versa grows every day. The equipment is especially fun to explore with different spring tensions, various body types, strengths, and imbalances.

We will also take a look at postural problems and what movements can remedy these.

Choose this course to build your confidence, knowledge and construct a clear path for your career.

I will explain how the method works through understanding the anatomy of the exercises, of how teaching this method is a healing technique for over 20 injuries and issues in the body, and demonstrating to you the ideal way of doing the 40 exercises within in this course.

What excites me about this course is the evolution of knowledge, as participants understand how the muscles and joints function through the specific exercises, and are given a user’s guide to their own bodies with mind and spirit included. This course is also fun to participate in too!


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“I would recommend this course to others as the visual material was backed with in depth practical experience. I valued the movement analysis the most. Louise came highly recommended by my Pilates teacher”

Nicole  Pless

“This course is wonderful. The content was diverse and the delivery highly interactive and Lou has such a unique ability to simplify concepts. Excellent delivery – Anatomy is so dry and I found the interactivity of the course great. ie doing the exercises and labelling Stanley.” 

Jacquie Carroll

“This course absolutely assisted me with my practice. The course gave me the information I needed to help me help my clients. I have a deeper understanding of how the body moves, common pains and injuries and how to help and prevent aggrevating these.” 

Liz Addison

"Thank you for your time, preparation, knowledge and input. You obviously have a passion for the precision of pilates, its benefits and constant discovery of our bodies, which are so beautifully and wonderfully made. Keep up the good work. You have a lot to offer"

Gillian Foks-Portingale

If you complete Mat, Reformer, Caddie & Chair, Barrels of fun and Anatomy then you will receive a Studio Certificate from Taube Pilates Training.

Taube Pilates Training recognises Prior learning. This means, if you have completed a component from another provider, you will still be able to receive your Taube Pilates Training Studio Certificate without having to re-do that component at Taube Pilates

To learn more and to have a conversation about Taube Pilates Certificate courses,

please call Louise on 0413 882 726

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