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Arabesque stretch on the Pilates Ladder Barrel / High Barrel

barrels of fun workshop

Lectures, Theory and Practical include

  • Creative ways to use the ladder barrel, baby arc and spine corrector

  • Strategies to use the baby arc or spine corrector on the reformer, and cadillac

  • Where to find hidden tactile cueing opportunities on the arcs and barrels

  • Learn new moves with the spine corrector on the reformer

  • How to use the barrel for any client, to build strength, mobility and balance - modifications, exercise progressions and regressions, improving postural types

  • Learn advanced exercises of the handstand, walkover, bicycle and scissors on the high barrel

Course contact hours 6

the details

Dates: Sunday 25 February, 2018

Time: 12noon - 6pm

Location: Taube Pilates Studio, unit 6/94 Hotham St, St Kilda East, VIC 3183

Cost: $350

spine mobility, core strength
and hip mobility

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Join me for an in-depth and participatory workshop. Let me share my knowledge of proper body alignment on the barrels, exercise variations for different body types and issues, effective use of hands on, verbal cues, and so much more. 

Get the most out of your spine mobility, core strength and hip mobility with the help of the barrels. The barrels include the baby arc, spine corrector, bosu and ladder barrel. Learn the genius behind the barrels' design and how they allow for opening, strengthening and increasing flexibility of the spine. 

Learn how to do the acrobatic moves of the handstand, walkover, bicycle and scissors on the ladder barrel in a safe way, and how to teach to your advanced clients.

The all these Pilates pieces are all designed to challenge the abdominal muscles and strengthen the postural muscles whilst improving mobility throughout the entire body. Learn how to get the most out of them!

If you complete Mat, Reformer, Caddie & Chair, Barrels of fun and Anatomy then you will receive a Studio Certificate from Taube Pilates Training.

Taube Pilates Training recognises Prior learning. This means, if you have completed a component from another provider, you will still be able to receive your Taube Pilates Training Studio Certificate without having to re-do that component at Taube Pilates

To learn more and to have a conversation about Taube Pilates Certificate courses,

please call Louise on 0413 882 726

"The course book looks  fabulous. The most valuable content of the training was the combination of seeing and doing. I chose Taube Pilates Training because of Louise's professionalism and enthusiasm."

Belinda Johnson

"I would recommend this workshop to others to learn the exercises. I enjoyed the practical component the most."

Alison Ward - BeActive Physio - VIC

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