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Take the next step with your pre and postnatal education. I am so happy to be able to offer you this workshop online. There is new content, new moves and new information!  The Pilates Pre and Postnatal online course will take a closer look at issues and programming and how to make a positive experience for your pre and postnatal clients and beyond - one video at a time.


The online course contains 5 modules delivered on a Friday.


Cost   $595AUD about $393USD

Time frame    3 months to complete

Prerequisite  Pilates Studio Certification

Awarded 15 PDP's with the Pilates Alliance of Australasia


You have lifetime access to this course.


Terms and Conditions

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//  Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime

Do in in your own time Pregnancy and postnatal online course

  • ♥ Understanding your duty of care when working with pre and postnatal clients

    ♥ Effective programming for the different trimesters of pregnancy, and the changes associated with each stage

    ♥ Grow your skills and client base as a Pilates Instructor

    ♥ Understanding the key physical changes that impact on exercise prescription for pre and post-natal clients

    ♥ Understanding key contraindications and risks to exercise in pre and post-natal clients

    ♥ Maximising the use of the referral process where appropriate for pre and post-natal clients

    ♥ Developing a repertoire of Pilates exercises that are appropriate for pre and post-natal clients

    ♥ Pelvic Organ Prolapse explained and pelvic floor safe exercises and programs included

    ♥ DRAM explained, exercises and programs included to close the gap

    ♥ Pelvic Girdle Pain explained, programs and exercises included