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We cover special populations

We cover special populations

Working with older clients.

We cover special populations

We cover special populations

Working with pre-natal clients

We cover working with small props

We cover working with small props

The fit ball

we cover working with small props

we cover working with small props

The magic circle

We work with small props

We work with small props

The Theraband

We work with small props

We work with small props

The Chi Ball

Pilates Complete Mat

Lectures, Theory and Practical


  • History & Development of the Pilates Method

  • Pilates principles

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology

  • Program Development

  • Protocols, health and safety

  • Special populations: older clients, prenatal, kids

  • Injuries: lower back

  • Course contact hours 24

  • Self Mastery 33

  • Apprentice Teaching Hours 33

  • Observation 10

Once you have completed your 100 course hours, you will be able to gain insurance with AON for Pilates.

the details

Dates: 4 Sundays March 4, 18, 25 April 22

Time: 12noon - 6pm

Location: Taube Pilates Studio, unit 6/94 Hotham St, St Kilda East, VIC 3183

Cost: $1405

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Footwork with the Ball against the wall
teach a diversity of individuals

I designed the Pilates Complete Mat Course because I wanted to inspire instructors to be able to teach a diversity of individuals from kids to pregnant women, older clients and people with lower back pain. I wanted to teach a repertoire that embraces all levels of ability from beginners to advance. Pilates is so healing. After many years working as a Pilates teacher, my passion for Pilates is stronger than ever.

Part of this course covers programming for kids – why not be a kid again! Full of action – studying, moving, and role playing.


Learn traditional and contemporary moves, programming for back pain, older clients and pregnant clients and gain your full Pilates Complete Mat certificate.

Place no limits on what you can achieve. The only limits on this course is that the capacity is 10, and to respect and be compassionate to everyone in the course.

This course is the best place to begin your Pilates teacher training. Let me help you to gain the maximum benefit of the course and empower you to become the best Pilates teacher you can be. Remember to use your intuition throughout your daily life. Going with your gut feeling will enable you to go forward with confidence and perform at your highest level.

Course commitments
Inspiring quote for Pilates

Recommended minimum of 2 hours per week for self-mastery, 2 hours assistant teaching and 2 hours observation as well as allocating time for homework tasks such as case studies and review questions such as movement analysis.

Self mastery: As part of the Pilates Complete Mat course,  it is recommended that you complete regular private and/or trio studio sessions with Taube Pilates Studio during the course delivery period. This allows you to continue your personal kinaesthetic growth as well as allowing you to deepen your understanding of Pilates under the expert tuition of Louise Taube. Participants are encouraged to attend the one private and 4 trio sessions at Taube Pilates that are included for free as part of this course to further develop your practice.

Assessment: At every session you will be required to demonstrate your teaching while being observed and given feedback. This is part of your ongoing assessment as well as completing your logbook hours. Take home tests are a continuing part of your assessment.

Hamstring curls with the magic circle
Learner Expectations

To complete this certificate you must:

  • Attend all course contact hours – if you miss a session you can make this session up by booking in with Louise Taube Pilates at additional cost

  • Complete 10 observation hours

  • Complete 33 teaching practice hours; and

  • Complete 33 hours of self-mastery, (preferable including 2 classes per week at Louise Taube Pilates for the duration of the course.)

  • Complete a formal programming assignment and movement analysis of 5 exercises within this course

  • Demonstrate competency in practical teaching tasks throughout the course

  • To be able to demonstrate each exercise and have this signed off by Taube Pilates unless there is a condition or injury the prevents the ability to do so

  • To be able to demonstrate teaching each exercise and have these signed off by Taube Pilates

  • Mobile phones are to be turned off throughout the delivery of the course

  • Chewing gum is not permitted during the course as this affects the muscles in the face and neck when performing the Pilates exercises

  • Talking when the deliverer is talking during the course is not permitted and you may be asked to leave the session

  • You must bring your training manual and repertoire manual to each session


“This course is very practical and hands on experience in an unpretentious, fun environment. I think it is a great introduction for people interested in learning about Pilates in a practical sense. The teaching in class (as much as it was dreaded) provided hands on teaching experience. It is open to all and helps to boost your confidence.”

Tahlia Campbell

Taube Pilates logo
Taube Pilates logo

"It's given me a great platform at which to begin my Pilates teaching practise :) Have loved it! This course is progressive, filled with detailed notes and extensive hands on practice. This course came highly recommended from other Pilates teachers"


Sara Harris

"The intimate group size was fantastic. I valued the 1:1 teaching and the open discussion and problem solving the most. Loved it"

Erin Carnell

"Absolutely helped with my practice. Will be using all the repertoire. Found the movement analysis very useful. This course offered a great interactive way to learn how to instruct Pilates."

Natalie Reed

If you complete Mat, Reformer, Barrels, Caddie & Chair, and Anatomy then you will receive a Studio Certificate from Taube Pilates Training.

Taube Pilates Training recognises Prior learning. This means, if you have completed a component from another provider, you will still be able to receive your Taube Pilates Training Studio Certificate without having to re-do that component at Taube Pilates

To learn more and to have a conversation about Taube Pilates Certificate courses,

please call Louise on 0413 882 726

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